4 Reasons Why you Should Flush your Water Heater Regularly

Regular flushing of water heater tank can ensure maximum performance of the heater. This is a vital maintenance step and all homeowners must do it. Here are four reasons why.

Lower noise level

When water heater starts making the crackling and popping sounds, it is an indication that scale is building up. Sometimes, the noise may suddenly go away. But it doesn’t mean that the problem is gone. It actually means that the layer of scale inside the tank has solidified and water cannot penetrate through it easily. So, you should flush it and descale the water heater whenever you hear the noise.

Improve speed of heating

When foreign materials start to settle on the bottom of the water heater tank, it becomes difficult to transfer heat. That is, it takes longer for the water to heat up. So, you may be running out of the water. A simple water heater flush can solve your problem.

Reduce operational costs

When it becomes hard for the heating element to transfer heat, more energy is required to heat the water. So, you will have higher utility bills. You will have to spend more on repairs. By flushing the water heater tank, you will reduce the operational cost.

Gives extended life

When scale builds up the electrodes may fail in an electric water heater. In a gas water heater, the metal at the bottom of the tank gets overheated and the tank may lean. Flushing will stop the scale buildup and so provide extended life for the water heater.

The frequency at which you should flush the water heater tank depends on various factors, such as, the mineral content of the incoming water, the amount of water you use, the temperature of the water, etc. But whenever you get signs of scale buildup, you should flush the water heater tank.